The House of Normandy designates the noble family which originates from the Duchy of Normandy and whose members were Counts of RouenDukes of Normandy, as well as Kings of England following the Norman Conquest of England. It lasted until the House of Plantagenet came to power in 1154.

The House of Normandy emerged from the union between the Viking Rollo (first ruler of Normandy) and Poppa of Bayeux, a West Frankish noblewoman. William the Conqueror (a descendant of Richard I “the Fearless” (3rd Duke of Normandy) b. 932 through Richard II (4th Duke of Normandy) d. 1026) and his heirs down through 1135 were members of this dynasty.

William Clito d. 1128 was the grandson of William the Conqueror and was considered a candidate to carry forward the House of Normandy when William Adelin died in 1120 – who was the son of William Clito’s uncle King Henry I of England d. 1135 . William Clito was buried in the abbey of St Berlin (in St Omer) – and may be an alternative candidate to test his YDNA to determine with 100% certainly re the YDNA Haplogroup of the House of Normandy.

Additionally, the above mentioned Richard I “the Fearless” had two other sons. One was Geoffrey (Count of Eu and Brionne) d. 1015 who founded the House of de Clare and this line continued through to Gilbert de Clare (8th Earl of Gloucester) d. 1314 and then his brother Richard de Clare (Steward of Forest of Essex) d. 1318 and then the maleline officially ended.

The other was William (Count of Eu and Hiemois) d. 1057 whose male line ended with Henry II (Count of Eu) d. 1191 and Renaud III (Count of Soissons) d. 1141. Hugh of Eu (d. 1077) (Bishop of Lisieux), a son of William (Count of Eu and Hiemois) was buried at the Saint-Désir Abbey. His tomb was discovered by François Cottin in the 1950s in the center of the sanctuary of the first abbey church – and may be yet another alternate candidate to test his YDNA.

Complimentary copy of Appendix 6 – All Roads Lead to Norman Origins is available.

This Appendix 6 also provides with insight in Sections 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 that relate directly to the House of Hesseits sister “House of Vauloger” and how the author has come to the conclusion that the predicted YDNA Haplogroup of the House of Normandy is R-L21 > R-DF13 > R-FGC5494.

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