The Capetian dynasty is known as the House of France, and is a dynasty of Frankish origin, which was founded by Hugh Capet (b. 941AD). Their parent house was the House of Robertian

The cadet branches of the House of Capet, include House of ValoisHouse of EvreuxHouse of BourbonCapetian House of AnjouHouse of Vermandois and House of Burgundy – plus many more.

In modern times, both King Felipe VI of Spain and Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg are members of this family, both through the Bourbon branch of the dynasty. Along with the House of Habsburg, the Capetian Dynasty was one of the two most powerful continental European royal families, dominating European politics for nearly five centuries.

The YDNA of the House of Bourbon has been determined to be R-P310 > R-U106 > R-Z381*. This 2014 article by Gerard Lucotte on the Y haplogroup of the House of Bourbon provides the details of their analysis, including the three men whose YDNA was used.

However this analysis did not provide details on the SNPs below R-Z381, and only 38 STR markers were shown in the paper that was released by these academics.

R-Z381 is a sub-clade of R-U106, just as the Wettin House Haplogroup is also a sub-clade of R-U106,  indicating a very distant maleline relationship between the House of Wettin and House of Capetian was a fact. The actual relationship between these two Houses has now be revealed as being much closer than the initial testing as per above indicates.

In 2019, Mr Gerard Lucotte and Mr Florent Dieterlen produced a paper titled “The Y-SNP Z-381 Is a Patrilineal DNA Marker of the Royal Bourbon Family of France“. In that paper they demonstrate that they tested known Capetian / Bourbon descendants, and they tested positive for R-DF98. Mr Lucotte & Mr Dieterlen have not yet revealed the SNP string results from the BIG Y test that they indicated they have had performed of the Bourbon man.

We are still trying to determine an estimate of the SNPs based on the STR results published so far, as some of the STRs do indeed align with the Wettin Man R-DF98 modal profile. Using the Nevgen Y-DNA Predictor, it shows that the Bourbon Y-DNA would be R-DF98 > R-S1911:

– which interestingly also aligns with the proposed House of Nassau Haplogroup (at the S1911 level only). We do not know the accuracy of the Predictor in relation to R-DF98 STRs  ….. so this “result” is absolutely a draft placeholder.

At present, my placeholder placement of R-DF98 > R-S1911 for the proposed Haplogroup of the Capetian Dynasty remains – however the BIG Y SNP data is required to 100% prove the relationship between the Wettin and Capetian lines, and when these lines split in chronological time. R-DF98 is estimated to have formed in ~2000 BC.

Also, refer the information shown in “Royal Nassau House“, from this website, for details on that investigation.