An important outcome as a result of the research within “The King’s Son (The  Evidence)” is that the Haplogroup of the House of Hesse (and the House of Reginarid), and that of Reginar I “Longneck” (Duke of Lorraine & Count of Hainaut) b. 850 AD plus hundred’s of HIS ancestors is now known.

The “Royal Hesse Haplogroup” for the House of Hesse (and House of Reginarid) is now confirmed (see below). It is R1b > L21 > FGC5494.

This “confirmed” claim is based on:

* 14 pieces of interlocking evidence (including atDNA) presented throughout The King’s Son (The Evidence) (3rd Edition) book;

photographic similarity evidence;

* the story behind my maternal GF all tying together;

* atDNA matching with a known descendant of the Romanov’s which ties with the relationship between the Romanov’s and Princess Marie (brother to Prince Alexander of Hesse); and

Appendix 6 – All Roads Lead to Norman Origins whose information (including the newly discovered Norman “House of Vauloger” – a brother noble family to the House of Hesse and its progenitor House of Reginarid) also aligns with the results just published on Ancient R-FGC5494 skeletons.

The question arises, why don’t I get a known member of the Hesse family to take a YDNA test. Easier said than done …. and so far I have not been successful.

What about an atDNA test? These senior members of the BRF would not assist in such an endeavor!

The full SNP listing of the Royal Hesse Haplogroup is R-P310 > P312 > Z290 > L21 > L459 > S245 > S461 > Z260 > FGC3218 > Z21145 > L21 > DF13 > CTS8221 > FGC5494 > FGC5561 > A913 > A7607 > A7624

Additionally, a complimentary copy of Appendix 6 – All Roads Lead to Norman Origins is available – with insights in Sections 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 that relate directly to the House of Hesse, including details on its sister “House of Vauloger”.

House of Hesse Rulers

House of Reginarid Rulers

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The linkage that has been determined between the descendants of Reginar I “Longneck” and their L21 > FGC5494 > A913 > A7607 > A7624 Haplogroup is Copyright, with all rights reserved by Brad Michael Little. Permission is granted for such linkage to be published by other Parties, if this website (The-Kings-Son.com) is directly referenced in each such publication.