Can you see the Similarity?

Directly below, the image on left is William James Shepherd (age 25 in 1915) vs the image on right is P.L.B (age 15 in 1869), who was a member of the Victorian-Age British Royal Family. Refer to The Kings Son (The Evidence) for the details.

The details in The Kings Son (The Evidence) pull together a large quantity of DNA evidence to assist in proving the case that William James Shepherd was related to the Victorian-Era British Royal Family.

The DNA evidence is supplemented by additional photographic evidence, as examples, try looking at the two sets of images below:

The first set is William James Shepherd (age 25 in 1915) vs P.L.B (a member of the British Royal Family).


The second set is very well known. It is William James Shepherd vs King Charles III.

Just flick your eyes back and forth between these two men …. again Do you see the Similarity?

Note: P.L.B. (refer first image set above) is King Charles III Great-Grandfather.