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Brad Michael Little was also honored when the premier and prestigious Genealogical organization ISOGG (International Society of Genetic Genealogy) recognized my “Wettin Man” work and referenced it on their website in two locations:

A Royal Success Story” and “Royal DNA


has been released at the end of 2017 – in both Kindle Version  AND Paperback  Version

The Puzzle as to who William James Shepherd’s paternal family line was is ultimately solved in the new Parts Four, Five and Six of the 3rd Edition of this book. It was solved after an additional 5 years of part time investigation and the initial 1st and 2nd Editions of this book being published.

This 3rd Edition proves William James Shepherd’s close relationship to the Victorian-Era British Royal Family, as my Grandfather is shown to be a male line descendant of the House of “XYZ” – refer Chapters 8 onwards for the answer.

Additionally, the results of the Y-DNA Matching between a confirmed King George V relative (aka “Wettin Man”) vs. William James Shepherd are also revealed. The identity and detailed Y-DNA results of “Wettin Man” are also documented (with his permission).

Various interesting “twists” have occurred in the process of DNA Matching, that is detailed in The King’s Son (The Evidence) book. The result of the Y-DNA and atDNA Matching produces a categoric and clear result.

The Y-DNA and atDNA Matching of multiple Royal Houses in my book, has now evolved to assist with the wider analysis on the Origins of European Mankind.