Dutch-American Connection

Brad Michael Little has produced another complimentary Appendix 4 paper titled “The Dutch-American Connection(to Willem the Silent & William the Conqueror). The paper builds on his initial Dutch-American research as contained in The King’s Son (The Evidence) book by using his atDNA analysis system. The Appendix 4 paper is a Case Study into the power and effectiveness of the atDNA analysis system and process.

The paper brings together DNA data and historical information that shows the many millions of Americans who are descended from old Dutch-American ancestors (who lived in New Amsterdam (renamed to New York) in the 1600’s) are also remotely descended from Prince Willem the Silent b. 1533 from Holland (Netherlands).

Consequently, going back in time from Willem the Silent ancestors, it means that millions of Americans are therefore also descended from William the Conqueror b. 1028 (from the House of Normandy), and also various members of the House of Capet and the House of Anjou / Plantagenet.

I have also written an Appendix 5 paper  – The Gerrish-Lowell Family Noble Connection, which shows a similar DNA transmission methodology that I discovered and documented in Appendix 4.

Complimentary copy of Appendix 4 – The Dutch-American Connection to Willem the Silent & William the Conqueror.

Complimentary copy of Appendix 5 – The Gerrish-Lowell Family Noble Connection.

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The linkage that has been determined between the descendants of Anneke Jan Bogardus (& her siblings) vs Willem the Silent & William the Conqueror as presented in this Appendix 4 is Copyright, with all rights reserved by Brad Michael Little. Permission is granted for such information to be published by other Parties, if this website (The-Kings-Son.com) is directly referenced in each such publication