The House of Alpin, also known as the Alpínid dynastyClann Chináeda, and Clann Chinaeda meic Ailpín, was the kin-group which ruled in Pictland and then the Kingdom of Alba from the advent of Kenneth MacAlpin (Cináed mac Ailpín) in the 840s until the death of Malcolm II (Máel Coluim mac Cináeda) in 1034.

Kings traced their descent from Kenneth MacAlpin (and his father, Alpín mac Echdach), however Irish genealogies in the Book of Ballymote and the Book of Lecan refer to the kindred as Clann Cináeda meic Ailpín by prioritising descent from Kenneth.

The origins of the family are uncertain. Later genealogies of doubtful reliability make Kenneth a descendant of Áed Find. While plausible, such claims are unprovable and appear only in the late tenth century. The associated idea that Kenneth had been a king in Dál Riata before he contended successfully for power in Pictland in the 840s, following the death of Eóganán mac Óengusa, is supported by nearly contemporary evidence.

The YDNA of the House of Alpin is still under investigation – refer to Appendix 3 – Cameron  and McPhee Ancestral Analysis.

However, it is most likely to be P312 > Z290 > L21 > DF13 > ZZ10 > MC14 > Y16773 > Y16765 > A7298 

Refer to the Cameron weblink for more information on Appendix 3 – Cameron  and McPhee Ancestral Analysis.