The ultimate cold case, a 125 year old mystery hidden in plain sight.

The 3rd Edition Book pieces the evidence together that William James Shepherd was closely related to a member of the Victorian-Era British Royal Family.

The case is built-up together with clues that lead to a clear path forward – readied for a compelling conclusion and resolution to the mystery.

If you like puzzles and a story that twists and turns with lots of detail – then you have the right book. If you like analysis with just a touch of mystery, then you also have the right book.

The 3rd Edition is a detailed book, full of interlocking data and analysis, which demonstrates a determination to get to the bottom of a family rumor and mystery. Also presented on this website are several free complimentary Appendices – please use the Drop-Down Menu above.

Additionally, as a result of this overall investigation, additional Royal Haplogroups have now been discovered and are documented in Chapter 10 of the book, and are also listed in the “Royal Haplogroups” Drop-Down Menus above. There are some major surprises revealed.

This is a story of intrigue and challenge about a man who left enduring clues during his lifetime about his origins. This book is about how William James Shepherd mysteriously arrives in Australia in the early 1900’s, with the skills to be able to play the Double Bass and then goes on to become Australia’s No. 1 performer.

And yet in 1901, he is Census listed as a “Pauper Inmate” (age 10) in a London Workhouse orphanage – straight out of the pages of the book “Oliver Twist”.

William throughout his life, due to his looks and mannerisms, is often compared to various members of the Victorian-Era British Royal Family.

Even today some of William’s descendants continue to have comparisons made vs various members of the Elizabethan-Era British Royal Family.

DNA tests are used to set a test to prove the link, including the development of processes that enables the parsing of atDNA into the component ancestors of the DNA tester. Photographic evidence is also shown.

William James Shepherd’s LifeStory has also been produced using the I-LIVE-ON System.

The suspense throughout The King’s Son (The Evidence) in determining what is true and what is false – together with the patience needed to try to obtain DNA matches, makes for very interesting twists and turns, as the story progresses.

So based on the evidence collected and presented in this book ……. Was William James Shepherd indeed related to the British Royal Family?

The Puzzle as to who William James Shepherd’s paternal family line was is ultimately solved in this 3rd Edition of this book, which proves his close relationship to the British Royal Familyrefer Chapters 8 onwards of The King’s Son (The Evidence) for the answer.

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